Used Truck Inspection

Operating a business that’s dependent on commercial vehicles has many challenges.  Finding trucks that your company can depend on for the long term is key to maximizing your bottom line.  It’s always recommended to get any used vehicle inspected before purchasing.  The question with commercial trucks is getting the right shop to check it out.   Many aren’t trained properly on the needs specific to larger trucks, busses, RVs and trailer rigs.  Fleet Services is different.  We’re the only shop around that is specifically tailored to commercial fleets.  Before you commit thousands to a used vehicle for your business, bring it to us and put our used truck inspection experts to work.  We find things general repair shops miss, and we can more accurately advise you based on the unique needs of your business.  Nobody wants to buy a lemon, but when it’s your company’s profits on the line, our comprehensive inspection can keep you from making a big mistake.

  • Never Buy a Truck for Your Fleet Without Getting it Inspected First
  • All Inspections Performed by Highly Trained & Certified Technicians
  • Convenient Location
  • Shuttle Service Available
  • 18 Month/18,000 Warranty
  • 24/7 Drop-off With Secure Key Drop
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Used Truck Inspection
AngelUsed Truck Inspection