No matter what vehicles make up your company’s fleet, they all rely heavily on a variety of internal filters.  Filters remove potentially dangerous pollutants, particles, toxins, and metal fragments from the fluids and air that keep your vehicles running.  Fuel filters separate useable fuel from things that can cause major engine damage.  When it comes to air, both your engine and your lungs depend on working filters.  The engine air filter ensures the purity of air/fuel mixture, while the cabin air filter purifies the air you breathe while on the road.  Oil filters provide the same protection for the lubricant protecting everything inside your engine block.  Even the transmission has a filter that keeps it’s complex moving parts safe from damage.  From end to end, your fleet vehicles use several filters including elements in the exhaust system.  Make sure you have Fleet Service’s expert team on your side.  We can handle any filter on virtually any commercial vehicle, so you’re not losing money just by having your fleet on the road.

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