Engine Repair

Without their engines, none of the vehicles in your fleet are going anywhere.  Unlike privately owned vehicles, fleet vehicles are under constant use and usually carry heavy loads.  From the job site, to the long haul, your engines need to be kept in top shape, so they don’t end up costing you unnecessary losses.  Here at Fleet Services, we understand the unique challenges operating a fleet can present.  We specialize in fleet repair and can handle anything your engines need from basic tune-ups to major rebuilds, or even replacement.  Whether your trucks run on unleaded or diesel, whether they’re pickups, trailer rigs or anything in between, we have your engine repair needs covered.

  • Diesel & Gas Engine Experts for Any Commercial Vehicle
  • We Repair Engines for RVs, Busses, Trailer Rigs, Pickups, Mail Trucks and Much More 
  • Convenient Location
  • Shuttle Service Available
  • 18 Month/18,000 Warranty
  • 24/7 Drop-off With Secure Key Drop
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Engine Repair
AngelEngine Repair